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  Climb to the roof of the world...


Himalaya on Wheels invites you to explore the mountains, passes, rivers and lakes of Ladakh with friends and family. We give you the option of sticking to the tourist trail or going beyond and experiencing the warm hospitality and culture of this region.

Each itinerary is tailor-made by our team in Leh and Delhi to suit your budget, time and interests.

Himalaya on Wheels includes some activities especially suitable for guests using wheelchairs.

Himalaya on Wheels has been setup with the local expertise of PAGIR, a group of people with disabilities and their families, working towards better livelihoods and inclusion for people with disabilities.

What we've planned for you...

Pick and choose from our list of activities, go on suggested trails or follow a customized itinerary designed by our team based in Leh and Delhi.

The Route Options

This map is purely representative and not to scale.

Arrival in Leh – The first day in Leh is one of rest to ensure that you adjust to the high altitude. Try not to fall asleep and drink plenty of water. If you feel any symptoms of High Altitude Sickness, ask for a doctor – the cure is very simple and easy.

Altitude Sickness can affect anyone regardless of fitness level, age, sex, ability, etc. You may have gone 17 times to high altitude areas without a problem and yet it could affect you on your 18th visit. The only way to handle it is to rest on the first day and allow your body to acclimatise to the lower oxygen levels.

Suggested trails

Note: Activities accessible for guests using wheelchair are marked with an *

  • Local Leh attractions: ½ to 2 days
    Visit Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa*, Hall of Fame* or wander the markets*
    Visit Choglamsar, a Tibetan refugee settlement with a monastery and a centre of Buddhist and Tibetan culture*
    Have tea and snacks with the Himalaya on Wheels Team*
    Shop for souvenirs at the waste-to-craft shop – Jungwa Shrungskyob - run by PAGIR*
    Refill your water bottle at the Dzomsa and contribute to a cleaner Himalayas
  • Indus Spiritual trail : 1 day
    Visit the monasteries at Shey*, Thiksey and Hemis
    Visit the Stok palace – the summer capital of the former Namgyal rulers of Ladakh
    Picnic at the Indus valley at the “Sindhu Ghati” and witness the river that is the cradle of civilization*
    Participate in the Singhey Khababs festival from 1st to 3rd June
  • Western Ladakh trail : 1 to 4 days
    Drive through the “Magnetic Hill”* and stop at the Gurudwara Pattharsahib on the Kargil-Batalik highway
    See the Indus and Zanskar rivers meet near Nimoo*
    Visit the monasteries at Alchi* and Likir
    Tuck in for the night at the Uley Tokpo camp* amidst orchards set on a steep cliff above the River Indus
    Go for 1/2/3/4 day trek through Sham valley, and stay with Ladakhi families trained by the Snow Leopard Conservancy Project to look after guests
    Visit SECMOL and learn about passive solar heating and educational reforms*
  • Northern Ladakh trail : 2 days
    Drive through the Khardung La pass – the highest motorable road in the world*
    Visit the monastery at Sumoor and Disket in the Nubra Valley
    Take a ride on the double-humped Bactrian camel
    Halt the night at Hunder
    Pass through the beautiful and desolate Nubra valley
  • Lake Pangong trail : 2 days
    Visit the majestic Lake Pangong and camp on its banks*
    See the sunrise at Lake Pangong and stay another day*
    Pass through the Chang La pass on the way*
    Spot herds of yaks and wild ponies*
    Visit Tangtse, an important stop on the ancient trade routes*
  • Other Activities around Leh
  • Spend a day with a Ladakhi family and see from up close what it means to live a rural life. You can get there after breakfast and watch or participate in whatever they do - farming, cooking, managing resources like water.
  • Spend half a day with a family learning to cook their cuisine such as Mok mok and Thukpa and show off your new skills back home.
  • Ladakhi festivals – monastery festival (based on individual Gompa), Ladakh festival (usually Sept 1- 15, in Leh - stalls of different kinds, music, dance, etc.), Singhey Khababs festival (June 1 - 3) or the Ladakh International Film Festival (June 15-17)
Food and Stay


Enjoy the traditional mountain cuisine and learn to cook it from the hosts as well. Start the day with the traditional khambir bread, with liberal amounts of butter and jam. Gorge your way through Momos and Thukpa (a yummy noodle soup) and sip the unique butter tea.

Breakfast and Dinner shall be provided at the accommodation. Along the way, we will stop as needed for you to taste the flavours of Ladakh. As a tourist-friendly destination, Ladakh offers varied cuisines.


Himalaya on Wheels gives you the option of choosing your accommodation based on your budget, comfort and availability.

  • At Leh:
    • Luxury: Hotel Grand Dragon, Tsemarang Eco Camp
    • Mid range: Hotel Lha-ri-sa, Noble Hous
    • Economy:  Barath Guest House
  • At Uley Tokpo: Ule Ethnic Resort
  • At Lake Pangong: Martsemik Camping Resort
  • At Nubra Valley, Hunder: Organic Retreat Camp or Jamshed Guest House

Hotel Grand Dragon, Leh

A four-star hotel that combines traditional architecture with modern rooms, double glazed windows and central heating to ensure a comfortable stay.

  •  53 Deluxe rooms and royal suites with one wheelchair accessible room
  •  Round the clock room service
  •  Restaurant and coffee shop
  •  In house laundry and dry cleaning
  •  LCD TV and Internet access
  •  Doctor on call

Access Issues
  • Hotel has a step free entrance
  • Guests need to transfer to a narrow wheelchair provided by the hotel to use the lift
  • Guest rooms have a wide door for wheelchairs
  • Small threshold at entrance which is covered with a ramp in one room to make it accessible
  • Bed and study table at convenient height for guests using wheelchairs
  • Sufficient manoeuvring space
  • Hotel wheelchair needs to be used in bathroom
  • The shower-cum toilet door is narrow [up to 63 cm of clear space]
  • Ramp over the 5 cm threshold on bathroom door
  • Washbasin is 79 cm high with a lever-type tap making it accessible
  • Not possible to enter shower cubicle using wheelchair, as there is  an 8 cm threshold and a door that is 72 cm wide – a bucket and mug are provided

Ule Ethnic Resort, Uley Tokpo

Situated 3 hours away from Leh near Sham valley, this resort is set in an orchard on a steep cliff above the Indus River. It offers a 360-degree view of mountains above and river below and usually features a day’s stay on our itinerary


  • Tents with common bathrooms, Newer cottages with attached bathroom
  • All meals provided
  • Ayurvedic Spa on campus
  • Recreation lounge with TV, magazines, board games, etc.

Access Issues

  • Easy ramps make the camp step-free
  • The new cottages are accessible
  • Easy ramp leads into room with 89 cm doorway
  • Room spacious enough as is bathroom with 76 cm doorway
  • While there is a ramp to the dining room, if found too steep, food will be arranged in lounge area

Barath Guest House, Leh

Barath Guest House is owned by a Ladakhi family. This budget guest house is ten minutes by walk from the main market. The food is organic and the courteous staff will be at hand to assist you with your needs.

Access Issues

  • Wide roads enable alighting of guests using wheelchairs in front of the guests house
  • 4 big spacious rooms on ground floor earmarked for guests using wheelchairs
  • Dining floor is situated on the ground floor and easily accessible
  • The bathroom sink is at a height of 78cm while the commode is currently at a height of 41cm
  • Ample manoeuvring space within the rooms

Hotel Lha-ri-sa, Leh

A deluxe boutique hotel with rooms and suites built in 5 elemental styles. It has all basic facilities like attached bathroom, hot-cold running water, solar heating & room service. There are terraces and a courtyard, a Buddhist prayer room and an outdoor restaurant. In close proximity to Leh bazaar and ATMs nearby

Tsemarang Eco Camp, South of Leh

Located 10 minutes from Leh, the Tsemarang Eco Camp promises you an enchanting view of the Indus River. Spread over more than 300 meters along the river, surrounded by thick seabuckthorn bushes, mountains and sunshine, it has 8 luxurious tents. It uses fresh organic products for cooking bought from farmers directly and has traditional and non traditional board games along with a library on the flora and fauna of Ladakh

Noble House, Leh

The hotel has a panoramic view of Stok Khangri, Golep Khangri, Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa and Khardungla. It has 17 rooms that are wood-crafted with running water and intercoms. It has a Multi-Cuisine restaurant, The Roof Top and The Lawn Juley for dining. It conducts various cultural events on request. It also has other facilities such as doctor on call, internet, central heating, transportation and laundry.

Martsemik Camping resort, Pangong Lake

A luxury tented camp on the banks of Lake Pangong itself, it provides tented accommodation with private, spacious bathrooms with one traditional and a tented dining hall with TV. Other facilities available on charge include a souvenir shop, sports, meditation, campfire and space for camping, cultural shows and horse riding

Access Issues

  • Tents are made accessible while the Eco huts are inaccessible to wheelchair users
  • Dining room to be made accessible with portable ramps
  • Excellent hosts to help you with your needs
  • Less manoeuvring space within tent for wheelchair
Comfortable and safe places to stay in...

There are two options for accommodation: Luxury and Standard.

Enjoy a 4-star stay with the Hotel Grand Dragon in Leh. It’s built with traditional architecture yet contains modern rooms that are more than comfortable, warmer than warm, cozier than cozy and still have ample provisions for differently-abled people.
Accessibility at the Hotel Grand Dragon:
The hotel has a step free entrance. They provide a narrow wheel chair for guests to transfer to the lift which can take six persons. The guest rooms have a wide door for wheel chairs to go in. There is a small threshold at the entrance which is covered with a ramp in one room to make it accessible. The bed and study table are at a convenient height for wheel chair users and there is sufficient turning space. The shower cum toilet door is narrow (up to 63 cms of clear space). The hotel wheel chair will have to be used to go inside the bathroom. Again there is a 5 cm threshold for which a ramp is placed at the bathroom door. The washbasin height is 79 cm with a lever type tap making it accessible. It will not be possible to enter the shower cubicle as there is an 8 cm threshold and a door that is 72 cm wide. The bathroom can be used by those who have the option of taking a few steps.

Zik Zik is a family owned guest house less than half a kilometer from the main bazaar. It’s homely and comfortable with two of its rooms developed to keep in mind people with different abilities.
Accessibility at Zik Zik
Two rooms are accessible to guests using wheel chairs. This guest house is less than half km from the main Bazaar. The vehicle can park close to the room. The guest house has a step free entrance with a gentle ramp. Both accessible rooms have attached a bathroom/toilet. There is a clear maneuvering space in front of the water closet and wash basin. There are two grab bars - one horizontal and one vertical near the water closet and wash basin respectively. The bed height is about 500 mm from the floor.  All sockets are easily accessible and are at a height ranging from 900mm to 1000mm.

Uley Tokpo Camp
All guests get to spend a night here three hours away from Leh with its breath taking view. Wake up in a tent (Cottages are different-ability friendly with attached bathrooms available too), enjoy meals in a restaurant and get kids to play board games while you chill on some magazines or take a well-deserved hour or two in the ayurvedic spa. It’s the perfect way to holiday!
Accessibility at Uley Tokpo Camp
The Camp has been built with easy ramps making it step free. The newer cottages have been built to be accessible. An easy ramp leads inside the room whose doorway measures 3 feet. The room is spacious enough for a wheel chair. The bathroom has also been built keeping in mind accessibility criteria for a wheel chair. Currently, while there is a ramp to the dining room, it is quite steep. Food will be arranged in the lounge area for our guests.

How you can reach Leh....

Leh is connected by daily flights from Delhi as well as weekly flights from Jammu and Srinagar.

By road, you could drive from either Srinagar or Manali. The Srinagar-Leh road is open from mid-May to November and is 434 km. A night halt is essential at Kargil to ensure acclimatisation to the high altitude.

The 473-km Manali-Leh road opens a little later from mid-June to early October. The night halt is at Jispa, again to ensure acclimatisation.
Memories you can take with you...    
Shivani at Lake Pagong
accessible restaurant
Accessible restaurant overlooking the lake
accessible toilet
Accessible toilet
The comfortable rooms
Indus & Zanskar
Likir monastry
Likir Monastery
shivani shivani

How this Holiday can make a difference to you and your host...

“Himalaya on Wheels” has been set up in partnership with PAGIR [People’s Action Group for Inclusion and Rights], a local organisation consisting of people with disabilities and their families who work towards promoting a more inclusive society and better livelihoods for people with disabilities. They have a shop called “Jungwa Shrungskyob”, where they transform waste into beautiful crafts towards a cleaner Ladakh.

This is the first holiday experience of its kind in Ladakh run by a group of people with disabilities with activities suitable for guests using wheelchairs.

Revenues from this holiday are shared equally between PAGIR and TAI for five years (2011 to 2015) after which they go entirely to PAGIR.

Some of the activities that you can choose give you the opportunity to interact directly with Ladakhis and learn about their crafts and cuisine from them. You could also chose to take part in their daily life and understand some of the social issues in their life and how SECMOL is trying to address some of these issues.

How Much?

Itineraries can be customised for each guest based on length, budget, level of comfort and interests. This is only a sample itinerary to give you an idea of costs.

Sample Itinerary for guests using wheelchairs - 8 days /7 nights

Day 1

Arrive in Leh. Rest and Acclimatise. It is important to rest as Leh is at an altitude of 3500 metres (11500 ft) and guests need to watch for symptoms of High Altitude Sickness and seek medical help if needed.

Day 2

Shey Monastery followed by Sindhu Ghati; Visit to Choglamsar monastery; Tea and Snacks with HoW team

Day 3

Kargil-Batalik highway and the Myth of the Magnetic Hill; Indus-Zanskar confluence near Nimoo; Alchi Monastery; Night halt at Uley Tokpo;

Day 4

Start late; view Likir monastery from outside (not accessible from inside); SECMOL campus - learn about passive solar heating and educational reforms; Hall of Fame Museum (only ground floor is accessible); Return to Leh

Day 5

Khardung la (highest motorable road in the world); Shanti Stupa, Leh market,;

Day 6

Depart for Pangong lake via Chang La pass; Night halt at Martsemik camp on the banks of Pangong Lake

Day 7

Watch sunrise at Pangong. Back to Leh. Shopping in Leh

Day 8

Leave Leh in the morning

  Sample Itinerary for other guests -  8 days /7 nights

Day 1

Arrive in Leh. Rest and Acclimatise. It is important to rest as Leh is at an altitude of 3500 metres (11500 ft) and guests need to watch for symptoms of High Altitude Sickness and seek medical help if needed.

Day 2

Visit to Shey and Thiksey monasteries followed by a stop at  Sindhu Ghati; Cooking session with a Ladakhi family; Visit to Stok palace; Tea and Snacks with Himalaya on Wheels team

Day 3

Kargil-Batalik highway and the myth of the Magnetic Hill; Indus-Zanskar confluence near Nimoo; Basgo Fort, Likir and Alchi monasteries; Night halt at Uley Tokpo;

Day 4

Start early. Day trek in Sham valley and lunch with a Ladakhi family; SECMOL campus – learn about passive solar heating and educational reforms; Back to Leh

Day 5

Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa; Spituk Monastery; Hall of Fame Museum; Night at Leh

Day 6

Leave for Lake Pangong stopping at Hemis monastery on the way; Night halt at Martsemik camp on the banks of Pangong Lake

Day 7

Watch sunrise at Pangong. Back to Leh. Evening at leisure. Shopping in Leh city

Day 8

Leave Leh in the morning


Price (per-person on twin-sharing basis) in Rupees

Approximate amounts for Sample Itinerary (8 D/ 7 N)
Prices start from Rs.25,000 per person on a twin sharing basis for the above itinerary. To find out the exact cost, let us design an itinerary especially for you and work out the costs.

  • Customization: Prices mentioned are best estimates on given itinerary for twin sharing. These prices will vary with choice of hotel, group size, itinerary, number of days, vehicle and accommodation preference.
  • Package for guests using Wheelchairs: Includes a helper and specially trained driver. Specific places on itinerary that are suitable for wheelchair access have been pointed out
  • Additional Meals: 200/- per day per person for typical local lunch.
  • Extra Bed policy and pricing: Will vary depending on the itinerary
  • Transport: Package includes cost of travel in a vehicle suitable for the trip. For specific vehicles, please check with us.
  • Season: This itinerary is valid till 31/Mar/2015

The Fine Print


Package Inclusions

  1. Airport transfers
  2. Accommodation as mentioned on twin sharing basis
  3. Breakfast and Dinner on all days
  4. A taxi and driver for all the places mentioned in the itinerary
  5. Trained Driver and Helper for guests using wheelchairs
  6. Soft copy of the guidebook that lists the accessibility options of each place on the itinerary
  7. Fees for places on itinerary including inner line permits to Lake Pangong

Package Exclusions

  1. Air fare to and from Leh
  2. Fees for still cameras and video cameras
  3. Bottled water, hot beverages, soft drinks
  4. Tips, insurance, laundry, phone calls
  5. Personal expenses or extra meals.
  6. Anything not specifically mentioned under “Package Includes”

Cancellation Policy

7 days: full refund
more than 72 hrs and less than 7 days - 50% refund
less than 72 hrs – non refundable

Payment Policy

100% payment to confirm the booking at least 96 hours before arrival


TAI Recommends...

“I’ve been thinking for so long because I cannot find a single flaw in the whole trip - it was perfect whether it was the warm reception we received from Sonam Ji and Rinchen, Kidar guesthouse, with its warm caretakers and kitchen boy, Jeevan, the trek through the mountains with a great guide (this is voted as the most unexpected part of the trip, and doubly most enjoyable, especially the showcase of geology that we were witness to); the out-of-the-world experience at Ule Ethnic resort with apricot blossoms in full bloom (this  was the most pleasantly surprising element of this whole trip); the majestic monastries and the unhurred pace at which we explored each one of them; the rich military heritage that we were constantly educated about by Sonamji; Sonamji telling us to walk slowly and not monkey around!!

The far-flung regions of Turtuk, the opportunity of eating kisir, a local dish after Sonamji hunting for it for 2 hours!!!

I can’t find anything that I need to tell you to improve, Piyush.

It was beyond expectations and my family and I thank each one of your ground staff that made this possible.

They are embedded into our memory for life.

Thanks again and all the very best to all of you :)”

Amie Thacker
Bangalore, April 2014

"Prachi and I had a great trip to Ladakh, it was the most inspiring trip we have had. The beauty of the place and the hearts of the people there make it such a welcoming place. Interacting with organizations like SECMOL and PAGIR made the trip a unique and inspiring experience.
Thanks so much for organizing this wonderful trip for us :"

Prachi Kochhar and Vivek Dham
August 2013, Himalaya on Wheels

“For me this was my longest holiday in last several years and am glad it was far beyond what I had expected.

... the feedback and the information and plan for the trip prepared by you and Piyush gave a lot of confidence and the arrangements from the airport till I was dropped back was fantastic.

I would simply say - even in today's time it is possible to rely on people and you would get what you have been promised, unlike the general experience of people. Hence I would recommend your team to anyone who plans to come to Leh.

The choice of resorts, homestays and hotels were really good and the guide cum driver knew the place very well being a local and the vehicle was also in top condition.

I would like to recommend to those who visit Leh, to consume the water as provided by the hotels ( popularly known as tap water ) instead of drinking bottled water ( popularly known as mineral water) as the water in and around Leh is the most natural and clean water anyone would get to have.

LEH as a destination, was a trip to "paradise', Nature in all its grandeur- unbelievable and is best experienced than described.

The mountains, the landscape and the vastness were spell binding. I had only seen such pictures in National Geographic or such other publications or films.

 I would also wish to congratulate the PAGIR group and their initiative and wish it a great success!!

Divyesh Parikh – September 2012 

“The trip to Leh was awesome, which truly energized us and brought us back with cherished memories. The whole experience was great and well supported by HoW.”

Simon Abraham, October 2012

“We had the most wonderful time at Leh Ladakh and thank you all of you for making it memorable. We will always cherish this beautiful experience”.

Neenu Kewlani, October 2011

“Leh in the month of October has harsh cold climate, but luckily I faced no issues in relation to health. It is a very scenic place. Pangong Lake was visited by us on the full Moon night. We enjoyed the view even in chilled climate of -3 degrees. This was possible as we had perfect host Himalaya on Wheels. Travel for people with disability is an issue and especially at a place with hilly topography. My dream of visiting Leh, Buddha Monastery, Indus, Zanskar-Indus Sangam & seeing the beautiful Pangong Lake was fulfilled because of Himalaya on Wheels & Travel Another India.”

Sunita Sancheti, October 2011

“The natural beauty of Ladakh is incomparable and I would term it as ‘Heaven on Earth’. Being a wheelchair user, I tend to enjoy nature more as it is usually more accessible. The natural beauty of Leh is so magnificent and overpowering that it completely humbles you and radiates a sense of peace and calm. No wonder I survived so well without mobile or internet connectivity and without worrying about time during the six days I spent there.

Each mountain in this dry land is a different colour. Each view is such that you would want to photograph it. Two significant tourist locations are Khardungla pass, the world’s highest motorable road, and the Pangong Lake, a 134 km long lake extending from India to Tibet. Being nature’s gifts, both these places are fully accessible. For me, the beauty was so overpowering that it was easy to overlook some inaccessibility. Moreover, Ladakhi people are very welcoming and helpful. Members of the Himalaya on Wheels team went out of their way to ensure I enjoyed the trip, assisting me wherever required. Given a chance, I would run back every year to de-stress and be one with nature.”

- Shivani Gupta Director, AccessAbility

“I have done my fair share of travel around India and I must say that Ladakh was something extraordinary. I don't know if it is the bleakness of the landscape or the smiling Juleys of the people that made Ladakh very special. Of course, on the day I reached, as I gasped for breath at the slightest incline and battled a headache, I was wondering when I would go back. Next morning, refreshed after a good night's sleep and the day of rest, I started to feel the magic that this land weaves around you. Standing at the confluence of the Indus and the Zanskar was a heady feeling. There you are surrounded by bare hills in multiple hues and way below, are these two rivers again of different colours. Left me feeling wonder, peace, philosophical, happy! My personal find was a meteorite appropriately caged just beyond Nimoo - completes the feeling of magic!”

- Gouthami


Mid-May to end–September are ideal months for travelling to Ladakh. The weather is warm and the sun is shining. July and August may see some rain, but this is the Cold Desert you are visiting and rainfall is low.

Some might find winter in Ladakh more exciting with the tourists all gone and snow around. While many of the tourism facilities do close down for the winter, there are enough open to ensure that you are well looked after.
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"The point is not to wipe out differences, but to unite with differences in tact”
Rabindranth Tagore
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